Guiding you to a brighter place

We all suffer those moments in life when the small things become big things. The feeling of dread settles on our bones to our very core.

No one is immune to these feelings. You are not alone – and don’t need to be.

Maintaining a healthy mental state and well-being is a real issue within our business and personal lives. It can take an immense toll on how we interact with others.

Life should be enjoyable. You should be noticing the beautiful and good things around you and allow the negative feelings to come and go like leaves floating by on a stream.

By developing and using positive coping strategies and flexible, accurate thinking skills to manage this stress, you will once again feel positive about the future.

I am here to provide assistance in building on your own self-awareness and problem solving skills whilst gently guiding you to a better place.

Session Information

Session Duration: 50 minutes 

Session Fee: $150

Get in touch with me to book your initial 15 minute intro chat to see if I am the right fit for you.