Finding your road to recovery

How can anyone understand what you are feeling, unless they have experienced it themselves?

This is a valid question to which my reply comes from a counsellor’ perspective and as a fellow human being.

Grief and loss can be experienced by anyone. It is a totally normal emotional response to a major and usually unexpected or unplanned event.

The intensity of grief and loss can vary greatly from person to person. It can deliver individual blows on a sliding scale from a slight chill down your spine to a full-blown hurricane in your face.

I have slid along that scale, from one end to the other and back again. We are all different. There is no set path to travel along or schedule to keep. But we all have a destination that we must eventually arrive at.

That destination is recovery. Without recovery, life is going to be difficult.

Heal Counselling is all about your recovery and providing an individually tailored and educated explanation of what to expect, and how to approach your journey ahead.

Session Information

Session Duration: 50 minutes 

Session Fee: $150

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