Relationship counselling and coaching tailored to meet both individual and couple’s needs.

Great relationship counsellors or coaches understand that every relationship comprises of at least two individuals, experiencing both similar and vastly differing emotions.

Our lives are full of trials and tribulations that test our sanity daily, and therefore also test the ones we love the most.

The insight gained over the past 17 years as a civil marriage celebrant marrying over 500 couples, working intimately with multiple personalities in the sometimes-stressful lead up, has provided invaluable experience into what makes people tick.

Discovering what love initially looks and feels like is essential to assist couples to move forwards in a positive way. To find the reset button towards whatever the desired outcome may be.

I’m not here to make judgement on who or why your relationship is in its current state. Rather, I’m here to help identify what each person hopes for, what is required to make it better and who is prepared to do it.

Session Information

Session Duration: 50 minutes 

Session Fee: $150

Get in touch with me to book your initial 15 minute intro chat to see if I am the right fit for you.