Life is a gift that you can’t remember starting and won’t remember ending, however it’s the bits in between, which require cherishing.

Whether it’s those crazy people we meet along the way, the amazing experiences encountered or moments of absolute joy or despair, they all make us who we are.
I’m 52, I’ve been reckless, fun, foolish, serious, proud, loving, hateful, strong and weak, and they’re all part of being human.

My life has been mostly a dream, with the occasional moments resembling nightmares!
I didn’t let them crush me; I became stronger because of them.

When my younger brother was murdered, I stood on the beach and screamed “fuck you” into a cyclone; ending up with sand in places I didn’t think possible.

When my now wife walked down the aisle 20 years ago on our wedding day, I cried tears of pure joy, the same goes for when our 2 beautiful kids were born.

Life has its up and downs, loves’ come, some stay, others will go, energy ebbs and flows, it’s why you feel awesome one day and shit the next.

Luck comes to us all, sometimes more than others; I’ve known a couple of people who if they slipped over in a dog shit, they’d find a diamond ring in it, lucky bastards!

As for laxatives, if you’re having a bad day and feel the world just won’t give you the break you’ve been looking for, pop a couple, grab a book or the fully charged iPad, put up the “do not disturb” sign on the door and expel those demons.

I’ve learnt a lot but have so much more to experience, one thing I do know it that the treadmill of life keeps spinning, don’t get stuck on it, look forwards, not backwards as your past has got you to the present, the future is where your life is at, make it a good one!

Author Contribution to ADVICE FOR LIFE by Kellie M Cox and Friends.