When a couple in love decide to marry, their wedding day is special.

I doubt any of the over 500 couples I married as their celebrant would say, “my wedding day sucked”.

There are contingency plans for the contingency plans, nothing is going to ruin this day.

I’ve seen dress malfunctions, rings lost, & found in the sand, summer storms, king tides and lightning strikes creating havoc with ceremony sites, yet the wedding goes on & is amazing.

Love is in the air, family, and friends there to support you, smiles and laughter are everywhere, it really is special!

The future unfortunately, is more difficult to plan, circumstances will change.

Changes in family structure, friends, employment, finance, and lifestyle can slowly erode the happiness.

The way couples communicate can vary dramatically, allowing confusion and resentment to grow.

Communicating effectively is key, as it’s not the disagreements within a relationship that cause problems, but how they are managed.

What could have been discussed amicably, is ignored, or misunderstood, creating further division.

Add one of life’s little surprises or a “crisis event”, and the shit can really hit the fan.

When your love and patience are tested, understanding how and why each other responds, will assist you both in moving forward.

With my counselling knowledge, plus 17 years’ experience as a Marriage Celebrant, I have the resources to assist both new couples and old lovers to navigate these difficult situations.

Please feel free to contact me should you be looking for some guidance.